4 Workout Attire Made From The Best Eco-Fabrics

We often imagine the term eco-friendly to imply the impact of a product on the environment at the end of its life. The most convenient definition being, something that biodegrades.

We forget to account for aspects like resources used in production; carbon footprint, land, water & air pollution caused, and most importantly, product longevity. Products built to last, help us consume less and use fewer resources.
Same holds true for cloth and fibre. Fast Fashion (fast replacement of old clothes with new) is why apparel manufacture is one of the largest sources of pollution in the world.

Workout is a time that is completely our own, an escape from the worries of the world, a mindful exercise. Owning attire made with thought, care, and good intentions that resonates with you and reflects who you truly are can feel liberating.

Here are some innovative, fair-trade and truly eco-friendly activewear brands we recommend for those with a strong conscience and a love for exercise.

1. Prana Hempwear


California based, Prana is an activewear brand for yoga and climbing that the founders created used their own experiences. Their mission is to use sustainable fabrics and create a fair working environment in their factories. They boast of materials like recycled polyester, responsible down and organic cotton, but what really caught our attention was the usage of Hemp. Despite being a controversial material, hemp has many unparalleled benefits and we predict that it will be the fabric of the future!
Material Used: Hemp
Eco-Benefits: Hemp, can be grown chemical free, can be sown close together and takes much less water than cotton. The natural color of hemp easily accepts sustainable dyes and can also be bleached without harsh chemicals.
Why it is great to wear: Hemp clothing is breathable, UV resistant, well insulated and lasts for a long time and stands up well to repeated washings, growing softer and more comfortable over time. It is mold, mildew, and microbe-resistant, making it nearly indestructible with normal use. Because of natural processing techniques, hemp clothing is perfect for people with chemical sensitivities.

2. Inner Fire

Inner Fire

Founded and created by yoga teacher and artisan Leah Emmott, the Vancouver based, Inner Fire, is a unique brand of clever, funky, colourful and unique designs. Inner Fire is the original creator of the “I’M JUST HERE FOR THE SAVASANA ®” shirt.
Material Used: Recycled plastic bottles
Eco-Benefits: Made from BPA-free recycled bottles, their leggings collection helps save toxic waste from reaching the landfilll or oceans and make trash into treasure.

3. Yoga Democracy

Yoga Democracy

Yoga Democracy, founded in 2015 in Arizona, is committed to using recycled fibers for its clothing. Ninety-five percent of what the brand produces is made from recycled fibers. Almost all of their products are made start to finish in their Arizona workshop, helping to keep their carbon footprint low and water waste to a minimum. Ranging from patriotic to Frida Kahlo prints, their bold, colourful patterns are head turners.
Material Used – Luxury Italian fabric derived from post-consumer plastic including water bottles. 78% Recycled PET/22% LYCRA® XTRALIFE
Eco-Benefits – Made from recycled PET using non-toxic dyes, with their clothing you can take step towards being part of a more circular economy.

4. Threads 4 Thought

Threads 4 Thought

A 2006 company with a tri-fold mission of sustainability, ethics and impact, Threads 4 Thought, sources the world’s most sustainable materials, ensures the best working conditions and contributes its profits to International Rescue Committee for refugees.
s – Lenzing Modal, Recycled Polyester, Organic Cotton
Eco-Benefits – Their organic cotton is untreated, relies on beneficial insects to remove pests & uses trap crops instead of pesticides. Lenzing Modal has earned the reputation of being one of the most sustainable carbon-neutral fibres that can be used commercially. It is made using Beech Tree bark, that grows back naturally and ensures the tree is never cut down. Beech trees require no artifical irrigation.

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