Energy Efficient Say No To Plastic Zero Waste

Voices you should hear before embarking on the journey of sustainability

Having an environment-friendly lifestyle goes beyond saying goodbye to single-use plastics. Reducing your carbon footprint, water wastage and dependence on material goods are three important starting points for leading a life of low environmental impact. Here are voices of 3 women who will give you unique perspectives on individual led changes.

1. Bea Johnson: Going Zero Waste

Bea Johnson’s family’s trash for 2018

Author of the popular, “Zero Waste Home”, Bea Johnson is a pioneer of the zero-waste lifestyle. She has inspired millions around the world to go waste-free. The 5Rs propounded by her – Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rot redefine how we should treat waste.

2. Chelsea Fagan: Challenging Eco-Friendly Consumerism

Chelsea provides a convincing argument against eco-friendly products that influence people to buy more. She urges to look beyond trends and aesthetics, focusing our energies on reusing instead of buying even if that means sticking around with plastic. A voice worth hearing.

3. Elaine Gallaghar: Low Carbon Home

Elaine pays $13 a month on electricity. Full of useful tips for anyone building a new home, she provides precious lessons on how to have efficient energy home cooling and heating, how to be less dependent on gas and cars, how to reduce water wastage, how to grow your own organic food and how to cut down on energy bills.

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