Compelling Environmental Artworks That Are Conversation Starters

Unlike reporting and publishing, art doesn’t spew facts or cast judgements. It lets you wrap your head around issues in your own way. Environmental art and activism very often uses satire to put a point across gently.

Here are some artists who put beautifully environmental issues in perspective.

Pawel Kuczynski

Created by the Polish artist, Pawel Kuczynski the artwork cleverly uses satire to portray climate crisis, a dire future that we are building for ourselves.
His illustrations may seem funny at first sight, but a deeper examination will lead you to the thinking behind the artwork.

Nic Mac

A reimagined version of Hokusai’s famous ‘The Great Wave’, this artwork by Nic Mac, elegantly depicts the rising levels of plastic in our oceans.
Research estimates that there over 5 trillion plastic pieces floating in our oceans.

Jill Pelto

Jill Pelto is an artist and scientist who incorporates graphs of rising sea levels and soaring temperatures in her artwork. In this ingenious artwork called the Dwindling Migration, she uses data that depicts the dramatic decline in caribou population herds.

environmental art
Andrei Popov

Andrei Popov is a Russian artist, winner of the Niels Bugge Cartoon Award 2014. His art style is satirical, and inspires introspection of the fast deteriorating environmental issues.

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